The Warmth of Wood

Nothing adds warmth to a room more than natural wood. These days the wood look can be recreated in a number of different ways, flooring can be real wood, laminate, bamboo, hybrid or vinyl depending on the way you use your room and your budget, but all giving a warm, homely wood look. Kitchens can be hardwood or laminate. What about the ceiling the ceiling? White paint is boring, coving is becoming dated and chandeliers are just tacky. Faux wood beams give instant character to any room. They can be installed on any ceiling type as they are light and can be cut to any size; they work well with existing recessed LED or pendant lights and can be fitted around ceiling fans or ac ducts. Whether your interior design is old and rustic or chic and modern, it doesn’t matter, as beams look good in any style. Check out the gallery to inspire your next project.