Tips on which decorative beams to choose and how to space them out.

Our decorative wood effect beams come in two sizes Heritage Grain is 135mm high x 215mm wide and Country Cottage is120mm high x 130mm wide. The size you choose to use is entirely up to you but generally speaking if your ceiling is very high or very large then a bigger, wider beam will look more authentic. Traditionally wood beams were part of the supporting structure of the building, as our imitation beams look authentic, if you are installing them throughout the ceiling they should be placed in such a manner that they look like supporting beams.

If you are using larger beams then the space between them can be larger, smaller beams look better when the spacing is closer together. Beams are usually spaced 1 to 2 meters apart, but single or fewer beams used as a feature can look amazing too. Beams should be as symmetrical as possible but do not have to be exact, modern ceilings might have lights, fans, vents or ac outlets as obstacles and these can normally be incorporated into the design, you just adjust your spacing to avoid them. 

Beams placement can be flush with the wall, cut in half to achieve a more traditional structural look or started away from the wall. Whatever finish you want can be achieved with our imitation timber beams. They are so easy to cut and fit that they can fit any angle ceiling/wall join.

Lightweight beams means that your ceiling should not need any structural support to hold them up, our heaviest beam is only 6.5kg.