Faux Wood Beams Shipping

Where do you ship and deliver Faux Wood Beams to?

We ship faux wood beams to all States and Territories, throughout all of Australia. We even ship faux wood beams to New Zealand.
Shipping of Faux Wood Beams

We have delivered faux wood beams to customers in Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), North Territory (NT), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Western Australia (WA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

And not just the metro areas either. We have couriers that deliver to rural areas, beyond the main cities of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane. Contact us anytime if you have questions regarding your location

How much does it cost to ship and deliver Faux Wood Beams?

Depending on your location shipping can be as low as $150 for several beams. We will calculate an accurate cost of shipping before payment details are requested. Continue through the Checkout process, and we will send a Quote/Invoice for the Beams and Shipping for you to assess in your own time. If you are happy with the quote, you can complete the order via Bank Transfer.

How long does it take for my beams to arrive?

We have beams in stock all year round, and delivery is typically anywhere between 2 to 7 business days depending on your location. However we have orders that can typically be anywhere between 2 and 25 beams in a single transaction, which means we can be low on stock very quickly. If you require a large number of beams, it's best to place your order as soon as possible. Doing so, 2 months in advance will guarantee your beams are manufactured and delivered in time, if they are low in stock.

FREE Shipping and Delivery of Faux Wood Beams

For a limited time only, depending on your location, the number of beams you're purchasing and the courier service allocated to your area, your order may be eligible for free shipping, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. To know if your order is eligible, proceed through the checkout process and we will advise you via an email seperate to your confirmation email, before payment.

Alternatively, contact us today or call 07 5543 5939 to express no-obligation interest to discover if you're eligible and secure your FREE SHIPPING voucher.